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Boiler Servicing in Plymouth

SR Plumbing offer boiler servicing in Plymouth and the surrounding areas. If you need your boiler serviced, please get in touch.

At SR Plumping, our boiler services are carried out by professionals who understand exactly what your boiler needs to ensure that it’s working efficiently and safely. We’re able to carry out boiler servicing on many different makes and models, so regardless of whether you have an 8-year-old boiler in your home or you’ve just upgraded to the newest boiler on the market, our highly trained experts are on hand to ensure that your boiler is working to the highest standard.

As an industry standard, it’s highly recommended that you have your boiler serviced once a year, even if it’s only been fitted in the last couple of years.

Servicing your boiler regularly ensures that everything is running smoothly and safely.  A regular service will ensure your boiler is working exactly how it should be and it helps to detect any potential issues with your heating system before the problem becomes too big (and often very expensive!) to fix.

It’s no secret that gas can be a highly dangerous element to contend with, which is why it’s imperative to ensure that your boiler conforms to the latest gas safety standards. As part of our servicing, we’ll thoroughly check your boiler, pipes and radiators to ensure that everything is working as it should be.  You’ll have peace of mind that your heating system is running efficiently, especially as you approach the winter season when you’ll likely be using your boiler much more frequently.

At SR Plumbing, we can offer a one-off boiler service if you’ve never used our services before or we’re happy to offer an annual boiler servicing contract so that you know your boiler will be looked after each and every year.

Servicing your boiler annually means that you’re taking care to ensure that it’s always running efficiently and that there are no risks of it breaking. Annual boiler servicing can also help to prolong the longevity of your boiler system by detecting any potential issues and fixing them right on the spot.

Ensuring that your boiler is working to its utmost efficiency also means that your heating and gas bills will be as low as possible as an efficient boiler system means that you won’t be wasting energy.  Your energy bills will be in line with the efficiency of your boiler.

By having your boiler serviced regularly, you can:

  • Reduce the risk of needing your boiler replaced altogether.
  • Save money on your energy bills.
  • Reduce the risk of any problems arising with your boiler which could cost a great deal to fix if left undetected.
  • Ensure that your boiler remains under warranty.

What can I expect with a boiler service from an SR Plumbing?

As well as a general check of your boiler when we carry out our servicing, we also offer the following checks so that you can have peace of mind that your boiler is operating at the highest standard:

  • We will thoroughly and carefully check every aspect of your heating system and its controls.
  • We’ll test your boiler’s gas pressure to ensure it’s working properly and efficiently.
  • We’ll look for any signs of leaks, corrosion or damage to your boiler system.
  • Our team will carry out a flue gas analysis to check whether your boiler’s emissions and Co2 levels are as they should be.
  • We’ll carry out a deep clean of your boiler so that it’s running at its maximum efficiency.
  • Once we’ve finished our thorough servicing, we’ll put your boiler back together and test the entire system to make sure everything is in working order.

Frequently Asked Boiler Servicing Questions

We appreciate that you might still have a few questions about boiler servicing in general or what you can expect when getting your boiler serviced from SR Plumbing so we’ve put together a brief FAQ section below to hopefully answer some of your questions.

To get a free, no obligation quote for a boiler service, get in touch today and we will organise a quote for you.

Simply call us on 01752 301296 or email us at to book a boiler service with us today.

Each manufacturer will differ somewhat when it comes to recommending how often you should get your boiler serviced, but most manufacturers recommend getting your boiler serviced once a year to ensure that your warranty remains intact and that your boiler is working as efficiently as possible.

You should ideally get your boiler serviced once a year and most experts recommend getting it serviced before the cold winter season hits.  Therefore, if there are any issues detected, they can be fixed before the cold weather arrives when you really need your boiler to be working at maximum efficiency.

We understand that life can be incredibly hectic at times, so if you’re worried about missing a boiler service, you should think about signing up for an annual boiler service plan with us so that you never miss a service again! Get in touch with SR plumbing to see how to sign up for an annual boiler service plan today.


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